Ghosted is a game that my friend and I developed during the 2020 Brackeys game jam in just 7 days. It’s written in C# and was a lot of fun to create. The game jam’s theme was ‘Rewind,’ which inspired our concept.

You can play the game by visiting, and personally, I really enjoy it. In Ghosted, you play as a character trying to reach an apple on the other side of each level. The twist is that you can summon “ghosts” that copy your previous movements. These ghosts can interact with buttons, opening doors that act as teleportation portals. Plus, their physical presence allows you to create stacked platforms.

Towards the end, be prepared for a challenge, as the last levels are quite hard. All in all, this project was a super enjoyable learning experience, and I gained valuable knowledge and skills from it. While the sprite art might not be top-notch, I’m still happy with how the final product turned out.

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