Better Food Values, is a Minecraft plugin made for spigot servers. It lets users tweak different aspects of Minecraft food items. You can find the code for this open-source plugin on GitHub.

The main idea behind BFV is to give users the power to change how much hunger each food item restores. This means you can have some items fill you up a lot and others just a little. Right now, the plugin is at version 1.1, but I have plans for an update that will let you add special effects when you eat certain foods. For example, chowing down on some rabbit stew might give you a temporary jump-boost.

I had a blast making this plugin. I learned a ton about Java programming, messed around with HashMaps, YAML Files, and dived into all sorts of coding stuff. Plus, I made sure to explain everything in the project really well, with comments for any tricky or confusing code. In the end, this project was an awesome learning experience, and I’m super happy I took on the challenge of creating something cool.

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